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Our Process

At Core Restore, we reteach the body to use the right muscles for the right movements

We believe that exercise is a continual process that relies on the consistent application of strategic methods for improving outcomes.

Our entire purpose is to improve the ability of your muscular system to withstand chemical, emotional, and physical stresses. We do this by utilizing MAT? and our patented Core Restore Training System as essential tools in a process focused on increasing proper contraction of the muscular system.

What Can MAT?/MATRx? Do For?Me?

  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Increase muscle strength, size, & stability
  • Increase muscle flexibility & tone
  • Increase muscle endurance

What Can CRTS Training Do For?Me?

  • Increase muscle & body awareness
  • Learn to engage (feel) the correct muscles for proper movement
  • Improve posture & range of motion
  • Increase muscle tone

What Can Core Restore Training Apparatus Do For Health & Fitness Professionals?

  • Give the practitioner a precise way to target muscles & muscle groups
  • Works with special and general populations
  • Safe and low impact

About Chris

Chris Verdi is the owner of Core Restore, ACSM and NSCA certified Personal Trainer since 2005, an Inventor with 2 US Patents, and is the only MATRx Certified Master Specialist in the state of New Jersey since 2007, and one of only 70 nationwide. Through Chris? unique understanding of the muscular system, he developed and patented a movement training system?termed Apparatus and Method for Muscle Movement Training.

Patent US9358413
Patent US9700751

His movement training system called CRTS? stands for Core Restore Training system. He works with everyone from athletes, to regular people with chronic muscular conditions, and/or people who are looking for a way to combat the stresses of exercise or daily living. Click here to learn more about Chris? story and Core Restore.

Chris is also a distributor of Young Living essential oils. Click here to learn more about ordering oils from Chris? Young Living website.

MAT? Success Stories

I have continued to work with Chris these past six years, beginning MAT?Rx sessions about a year and a half ago. I have gained strength, control, and overall awareness of my body in this time, and have been able to reverse some of the weakness I had developed due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy. My knees only give in times of extreme fatigue, and my body recovers much faster than it did pre-MAT?. Having endured many years without proper contractibility, I can certainly feel when a muscle is contracting properly; it oftentimes brings me to tears, I am so thankful.

I have been doing MAT? work with Chris Verdi since 2012, and I continue to do MAT? with Chris because it greatly improves my life. MAT??has helped with many of my long-term problems, among them, foot issues I?ve had since childhood. My feet always ached, and the orthotics prescribed by various doctors over the years didn?t really help. Now, after doing MAT?, my feet are happily orthotic free and pain free.?MAT? also helped relieve my chronic back pain by helping me achieve better core stability. I continue to do MAT? to stay ahead of any?issues that arise.

I started MAT? treatments from Chris Verdi a year ago for my chronic low back, neck/shoulder, and foot pain. I had tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatments as well as acupuncture but nothing really work. ?With his skills and extensive knowledge, he is able to reactivate the weak, shut down muscles that causes the pain. I am no longer in constant pain and always quickly recovered from?flare ups that would have kept me home for weeks in the past.??I am truly grateful to have Chris in the state of NJ!

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