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Before and After MAT session at Core Restore

Postural Changes in Less Than 45 Min. with the Patented Core Restore Training System (CTRS?)

The patented Core Restore Training System (CTRS?) is designed to integrate into fitness and health care professional practices who are looking to improve movement, posture and overall coordination. While many systems provide these outcomes, The Core Restore Training System is unique. What sets this amazing piece of equipment apart from other systems is the engineering ingenuity that allows us to accomplish our primary goals of improving symmetrical motion, increased range of motion, improving posture and coordination, which increases muscle awareness and contraction. We accomplish this with the use of our patented 1-pound non-fluctuating pulleys that are attached to the client via tailored body gear designed to elicit small isolated movements in order to achieve real-time gains in range of motion and function. When our clients experience the sensation of ?proper muscle function? in movement they are gaining very specific ?movement” self-awareness and knowledge. Additionally, our system is able to complement and enhance performance in a clients existing exercise and overall health practices by improving the user?s basic ability to move properly.

In 2019, we began to gain traction with adolescents between ages 7-12, who were referred to us by practitioners, in an attempt to reduce a variety of neuro-muscular impediments. The referred clients had a background of both active and sedentary lifestyles, however, both referral types struggled with the ability to access muscles in order to achieve and maintain improvements to posture and function. After experiencing our patented training system, these individuals were able to attain real-time postural changes, as seen in the before and after picture of our 10-year old client Max below from a single 45-minute session.

Before and After MAT session at Core Restore

Max?s first session concentrated on Trunk Rotation Left, Trunk Rotation Right, Posterior Pelvic Tilt, and Trunk Flexion.? The results were ASTOUNDING with a follow-up showing Max maintaining these results for weeks that followed according to his mother.? Our training system has demonstrated similar results at all age groups, with amazing outcomes remaining intact at follow up sessions 3-4 weeks later. These rapid results afford us the ability to address other muscular issues while continuing to reinforce the importance of correct movement. In essence, our patented training system improves body awareness by re-teaching the body, and the client, to use the correct muscles in order to achieve a targeted movement!