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The Body is a Constant Process of Improvement

The most commonly asked question that I get from potential clients regarding my services is, ?How long will this take me to get better?? Quick fixes are the typical mindset of our culture, and we?ve been swallowing this ideal for as long as I can remember, thinking that we can take a pill, put on a band aid, or worse yet, ignore it, and whatever is ailing us will just go away over time. If the discomfort eventually dissipates or we address our symptoms of discomfort, we are taught that we are ?healthy,? or ?fine,? as long as we are not in any pain. This is a detrimental way of looking at the human body and will lead to so many health problems that I believe are totally preventable!

When my potential clients ask this question, I inform them that our body is a constant process of improvement. Our bodies are in constant need of maintenance in order to achieve optimal health. The services I offer are upkeep against the dysfunction of the muscular system. Yes, every one of you reading this post has muscle issues, even if you don?t have any overt signs or symptoms. Remember that the body isn?t autonomous. The body is made up of interconnected systems that rely on each other and affect one another, both positively and negatively. For every action taken, whether it is merely having a thought, eating a piece of cake, or opening a door, there is a reaction and interaction between the systems in our bodies that can result in a positive or negative outcome-even if we don?t feel it or see it. The body is a constant work in progress and we can always work to be proactive when it comes to our own health.

I have experienced such remarkable changes in every aspect of my body. For the past 12 years I have been slowly rebuilding my body on a physical, chemical, and emotional level. My journey began with physical adversity. I was so debilitated from chronic pain from a surgical fusion at age 19, and by the time I was in my early thirties it had become intense on both a physical and emotional level. I knew I didn?t want to have surgery again. Awareness was the first step that led me down the path to begin healing my body; I discovered MAT?, and it transformed my life. I finally found lasting relief from my chronic pain.

The next step for me was a ?chemical journey.? Through my new physical awareness, I realized that there were chemical reactions happening in my body that were affecting my muscles? ability to function properly. I started seeing a naturopath who diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. This opened my eyes to see how nutrition was one of the other pieces that I had to address if I was going to heal my body.

Finally, I made the connection as to how negative emotions could affect me physically as well. I was removing paint from old hardware at my house that I had soaking in a plastic container. As I placed the plastic container over my stove, the solution ate through the plastic, and the contents fell into and all over my stove. I became so enraged when this happened, and ended up throwing my back out, and fell to my knees in pain.

I work on changing engrained thought patterns, habits, and points of view every single day of my life. It can be frustrating, and at times emotionally challenging. However, it is also rewarding and gratifying, given that through discomfort and pain, I found positivity. Over the years I have come to believe that providing the body with the right environment to heal itself is paramount to our well-being. My health is the one thing that I constantly put first over everything else. I subscribe to the saying, ?If we don?t have our health, we don?t have anything.?