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Awareness and Patience are the Key Ingredients

Awareness is the first sign that someone is ready for change. When we don?t see things as they truly are, we often become blinded to the best course of action, and sometimes remain closed off to our true self. Lack of awareness and insight can impede our abilities to reach our greatest and highest potential in life. In looking at my body and my health, I have had to become extremely patient with where I am. I must continually remind myself that wellness is an ongoing process.

This process began when I decided to search outside of the traditional methods for dealing with my back issues. This ultimately led me to the first stage of self-awareness. I wasn?t getting better, and in fact, I was getting worse. I eventually realized that I had to find something that would ultimately get to the root cause of the problem. This was my epiphany. I had to search outside of my comfort zone, and be open-minded in order to look at other available options to heal my chronic back and muscular issues. For me, this lead me to Muscle Activation Techniques? (MAT).

Since 2006. I have experienced unsurmountable ups and downs in my search for wellness. I have had many low and frustrating moments in my quest to feel better. I started my path to health by becoming an MAT Specialist. I wanted to personally learn for myself what had happened to me that led to the failure of my muscular system. The next piece of self-awareness came through food. I began making a connection between what I was eating, and how I felt afterward. In this process I found that I was allergic to gluten and needed to change many of my eating habits.

My self-discovery was further enhanced when I began seeing a Natural Path, with ultimately led me to a Holistic Functional Medicine MD who was interested in addressing my chronic conditions with diet and supplementation. I was then introduced to a Holistic Nutritionist who uses hair analysis to determine mineral deficiencies in order to bring the body back into balance chemically.

Hair analysis looks at a window of an individual?s cell activity over a 3 month period. I became intrigued to begin looking at supplements that are designed to increase cell regeneration. Once I began to function and feel better I then worked exercise back into my life. As my muscular system recovery was improving I then sought out a Chiropractic regimen as part of my wellness tools. There was a time in my life where my muscles couldn?t handle the adjustments. I learned that everything can be either a positive or a negative stress for one?s body. I needed to get my muscles strong enough to handle the benefit of an adjustment.

Little did I realize when I started this journey, that it would take me over 12 years to obtain the results that I was looking for. In the past couple of weeks, I?ve had the best blood work, hair analysis report, and MAT session!!! I have come to understand that it takes many different people and services in order to figure out the pieces that lead to my health and wellness. I have worked with several practitioners over the years and have found an amazing team of professionals that I continue to work with in order to maintain optimal wellness.