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Before and After MAT session at Core Restore

Postural Changes in Less Than 45 Min. with the Patented Core Restore Training System (CTRS?)

The patented Core Restore Training System (CTRS?) is designed to integrate into fitness and health care professional practices who are looking to improve movement, posture and overall coordination. While many systems provide these outcomes, The Core Restore Training System is unique. What sets this amazing piece of equipment apart from other systems is the engineering ingenuity that allows us to accomplish our primary goals of improving symmetrical motion, increased range of motion, improving posture and coordination, which increases muscle awareness and contraction. We accomplish this with the use of our patented 1-pound non-fluctuating pulleys that are attached to the client via tailored body gear designed to elicit small isolated movements in order to achieve real-time gains in range of motion and function. When our clients experience the sensation of ?proper muscle function? in movement they are gaining very specific ?movement” self-awareness and knowledge. Additionally, our system is able to complement and enhance performance in a clients existing exercise and overall health practices by improving the user?s basic ability to move properly.

In 2019, we began to gain traction with adolescents between ages 7-12, who were referred to us by practitioners, in an attempt to reduce a variety of neuro-muscular impediments. The referred clients had a background of both active and sedentary lifestyles, however, both referral types struggled with the ability to access muscles in order to achieve and maintain improvements to posture and function. After experiencing our patented training system, these individuals were able to attain real-time postural changes, as seen in the before and after picture of our 10-year old client Max below from a single 45-minute session.

Before and After MAT session at Core Restore

Max?s first session concentrated on Trunk Rotation Left, Trunk Rotation Right, Posterior Pelvic Tilt, and Trunk Flexion.? The results were ASTOUNDING with a follow-up showing Max maintaining these results for weeks that followed according to his mother.? Our training system has demonstrated similar results at all age groups, with amazing outcomes remaining intact at follow up sessions 3-4 weeks later. These rapid results afford us the ability to address other muscular issues while continuing to reinforce the importance of correct movement. In essence, our patented training system improves body awareness by re-teaching the body, and the client, to use the correct muscles in order to achieve a targeted movement!

The Body is a Constant Process of Improvement

The most commonly asked question that I get from potential clients regarding my services is, ?How long will this take me to get better?? Quick fixes are the typical mindset of our culture, and we?ve been swallowing this ideal for as long as I can remember, thinking that we can take a pill, put on a band aid, or worse yet, ignore it, and whatever is ailing us will just go away over time. If the discomfort eventually dissipates or we address our symptoms of discomfort, we are taught that we are ?healthy,? or ?fine,? as long as we are not in any pain. This is a detrimental way of looking at the human body and will lead to so many health problems that I believe are totally preventable!

When my potential clients ask this question, I inform them that our body is a constant process of improvement. Our bodies are in constant need of maintenance in order to achieve optimal health. The services I offer are upkeep against the dysfunction of the muscular system. Yes, every one of you reading this post has muscle issues, even if you don?t have any overt signs or symptoms. Remember that the body isn?t autonomous. The body is made up of interconnected systems that rely on each other and affect one another, both positively and negatively. For every action taken, whether it is merely having a thought, eating a piece of cake, or opening a door, there is a reaction and interaction between the systems in our bodies that can result in a positive or negative outcome-even if we don?t feel it or see it. The body is a constant work in progress and we can always work to be proactive when it comes to our own health.

I have experienced such remarkable changes in every aspect of my body. For the past 12 years I have been slowly rebuilding my body on a physical, chemical, and emotional level. My journey began with physical adversity. I was so debilitated from chronic pain from a surgical fusion at age 19, and by the time I was in my early thirties it had become intense on both a physical and emotional level. I knew I didn?t want to have surgery again. Awareness was the first step that led me down the path to begin healing my body; I discovered MAT?, and it transformed my life. I finally found lasting relief from my chronic pain.

The next step for me was a ?chemical journey.? Through my new physical awareness, I realized that there were chemical reactions happening in my body that were affecting my muscles? ability to function properly. I started seeing a naturopath who diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. This opened my eyes to see how nutrition was one of the other pieces that I had to address if I was going to heal my body.

Finally, I made the connection as to how negative emotions could affect me physically as well. I was removing paint from old hardware at my house that I had soaking in a plastic container. As I placed the plastic container over my stove, the solution ate through the plastic, and the contents fell into and all over my stove. I became so enraged when this happened, and ended up throwing my back out, and fell to my knees in pain.

I work on changing engrained thought patterns, habits, and points of view every single day of my life. It can be frustrating, and at times emotionally challenging. However, it is also rewarding and gratifying, given that through discomfort and pain, I found positivity. Over the years I have come to believe that providing the body with the right environment to heal itself is paramount to our well-being. My health is the one thing that I constantly put first over everything else. I subscribe to the saying, ?If we don?t have our health, we don?t have anything.?

Meet Christopher Verdi Owner of Core Restore

In all the years of operating my own business, Core Restore, I have found that through the process of overcoming my own trials and adversities, I have discovered a new profound sense of strength, and special empathy for those struggling with chronic pain the way I did. The determination to help myself has evolved, and fuels my drive to help others rebuild their dysfunctional muscle systems, and empower themselves with knowledge to understand how their body is moving. I entered this line of work as a result of necessity. In my struggles to deal with chronic pain, I needed to find a way to alleviate something that had become very debilitating, and find a way to heal myself after a spinal fusion wrought havoc on my body when I was only 19.

When anyone deals with chronic debilitating pain for more than 14 years, it definitely affects you physically, however, the mental impact was disastrous for me! Around the age of 33 I suffered an injury in a yoga class that ruptured two more disks above my sacral/lumbar fusion that left me crookedly bent to the left for 3 ? years with unbearable pain. The chronic pain affected me so intensely that I was losing my will to keep living!! With the encouragement of my husband, I quit my career and I decided to embark on a new one, using my athletic background in soccer and weight lifting to become a personal trainer. At an Idea Health & Fitness Conference in NYC I discovered MAT? and had a demonstration that literately dropped my left hip! I knew then and there that this was going to be my life?s new direction! I met the founder and developer of Muscle Activation Techniques?, Greg Roskopf in my internship in March of 2006. Mr. Roskopf changed my life and without his dedication to developing and continuing to develop MAT?, I would not be here on this Earth!!

Since opening Core Restore in 2007, I have overseen every aspect of the business that relies solely on individual session work with clients. All physical movement takes a toll on the body, and throughout my years of work at Core Restore, this has led me to the realization that people often don?t understand how to move their bodies properly. In fact, people often lack the knowledge of how improper movement can have an adverse impact on overall mobility, core strength and functioning. We are taught to move but never really taught how and what to move in order to properly accomplish an exercise, pose, or position. This realization was consistently in the forefront of my thinking, and resulted in an investigative process for looking at ways to bring muscle contraction awareness into my workouts for both myself and my clients.

In the many years that followed I became very focused on these concepts and concerns. This research led to my development of an ?Apparatus and Method for Muscle Movement Training? (now referred to as The Core Restore Training System-CRTS?). After many years of dedicated and persistent work, my training system was granted a patent in 2016. The CRTS? prepares the client?s body for movement by focusing on muscle contraction and muscle awareness to improve range of motion, and promote mindful movement during exercise and daily activities. I firmly believe that every obstacle we encounter creates opportunity to find new challenges that allow us to overcome struggles on the road to becoming the best version of ourselves often through a series of small victories. These challenges have the power to change the course of our lives. I am living proof!!