Breaking Through My Plateaus Using Multi-Planar Movement Training

When I went snowboarding a year ago, I thought it would be my last time doing so. Let’s just say my body was feeling “old” at best. My legs were sore, my back ached, and my left knee was killing me. In the weeks that followed, I found out why…….my meniscus was torn. As I limped away from the mountain I knew that if my snowboarding career was going to continue, I would have to find a solution. I love this sport, but the incredible amount of pain and mobility limitations I had experienced was making my enjoyment and ability to partake impossible.

I’ve known Chris Verdi (owner of Core Restore) and have been receiving MAT® services with him for about 4 years now. However, it was only recently when we began focusing our work using his patented Core Restore Training System (CRTS™). This system has taken my body and our sessions to the next level.

In the last 6 months we’ve worked on increasing muscle contraction, opening up ranges of motion to be symmetrical motion creating more force production, and training loaded multi-planar movements. If you are telling yourself “I don’t know what that means”, you should read on and learn, because it will change your life.

This past weekend I went snowboarding again after having worked with Chris and using CRTS™ for the last six months. I was nervous going up the mountain, unsure if my body could take it, and afraid that I would reinjure my knee. To my surprise, it was a vastly different experience. I snowboarded for 2 full days, compared to only one day the prior year, and I had a fantastic time doing it. Following my weekend on the slopes I experienced no muscle soreness, no aches and pains and no injuries. I actually WORKED OUT the very next day having felt as though I spent the weekend laying on the beach and relaxing in the warm sun.

This is only one example of how working with Chris has changed my life. The way you feel has so much to do with how well your muscle system is working and CRTS™ is the best way to get your body doing what it’s supposed to. I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about my story and experiences. More to come!

*Featured image courtesy of BEST Snowboards

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